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The Automotive Parts Services Group is a joint venture that is owned and operated by Federated and  Pronto for the benefit of their members and suppliers. As such each year the organization polls the  membership and staff members to determine where outstanding performance or effort has taken  place. Awards are made to honor both suppliers and members who have made significant contributions to the success of all and we very much look to celebrate this success even if we cannot all be together. These awards will be memorialized in the Virtual Awards Hall and celebrated in a  special VIP virtual cocktail party.



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Each year members vote for the vendors who are leaders in different categories. The vendors selected provide outstanding value and support and are typically companies that members value as partners. The outstanding vendor of the year is a company that members view as extremely important and dedicated to their success. This honor is reserved for companies who consistently perform at high levels in most areas and are viewed as partners who can be counted on when challenges arise. And it works both ways.

This Year’s Winner is APC Technologies- AP and Centric

This important supplier has gone through some challenges in recent times but has maintained support and commitment. Their team continues to be focused on our member’s success and we have continued to have outstanding growth together. Their dedication to our membership along with the strong relationships that exist provide the foundation required to be the Outstanding Vendor of the Year

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Our first supplier award is one of the most important today and probably does more to  help all group participants and even many of our customers today. Having accurate up to  date information and meaningful data has never been more important. The effort that is  required to be excellent starts with an understanding of the importance and then shifts to  the dedication to make it happen. This year's winner is a company that we have come to  expect excellence from and could win in many categories. However they are receiving this  award because tthey have demonstrated not only dedication but execution.


Standard is always being recognized by our members for their excellence and this award  continues that tradition. When it comes to catalog and data excellence Standard has no  equal. They not only provide great catalog information and images but also specifications,  wiring diagrams, and technical service bulletins. Standard goes the extra mile providing installation tips in video format that can be inserted into the catalog for part number specific instruction. They also provide this information in multiple languages. Standard consistently provides excellence in their support of our members and their customers and this award is well deserved.



One thing that sets The Group apart is the knowledge and expertise of our people.  We work closely with supplier partners to develop training and education opportunities for our associates and customers. This knowledge base is used to keep up with changing vehicle technology, enhanced product designs, and diagnostic or installation tips and techniques. In short it adds value to the parts we supply and enhances the overall quality of the repair process for the consumer. The winner of this award has been instrumental in helping us deliver this value.

This Year’s Winner is The Timken Company

Timken continues to set the bar for premium products that outperform competition. And they provide great training and product information that allows for enhanced understanding of the many features and benefits of their products. This has allowed our counter professionals and technicians to perform high quality repairs and share insight into the benefits provided by Timken.

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Marketing Excellence is important to group members as it not only influences sales and margins but also may require other support to insure customer satisfaction.  Our members rely on a partnership approach with suppliers that provides the innovation and support to add value and grow sales. Marketing Excellence is recognized for vendors who provide a full array of support and work closely with members to create increased opportunities and enhanced customer satisfaction.

This Year’s Winner is KYB


KYB is consistently excellent in all aspects of marketing. They rank high in member votes in several categories which demonstrates their outstanding support in a product line that requires great marketing. KYB provides outstanding communications and marketing support to our members and service centers with premium products that creates increased safety and ride control for consumers.  They do many things very well and have been a superior marketing partner through the years and our members continue to recognize and appreciate their efforts.



Sales representation continues to be very important in the aftermarket where full service and support continues to be an important ingredient to success. Our members rely on sales representatives to be problem solvers, trainers, marketing consultants, and partners. We appreciate the suppliers who match great product with great sales people to deliver maximum value to all levels. This has never been more important as product and vehicle complexity grow and this year’s winner has been one of the best for many years.

This Year’s Winner is Gates

Gates has a rich history of one of the best sales teams in the industry with great leadership. Gates has been a leader in the category for many years and has constantly worked to help members grow sales and profits in the Gates products. Gates is one of the few suppliers who work with members and their customers on a regular basis and we appreciate their dedication and support.  



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There is nothing more important than availability and high service levels provide multiple benefits for members and suppliers. High fill rates provide cost efficiency with lower  handling and freight costs and fewer ASNs, packing slips, invoices for members and suppliers. Service level excellence allows for maximizing sales opportunities and supports inventory efficiency. It is an essential ingredient for success for all.

This years winner is FCS!

FCS is an important supplier that has great growth in the category with the support of our members. They do a great job in communicating and using data for spotting trends and providing accurate forecasts. They work closely with members to maximize inventory effectiveness and are deserving of this recognition




The Co-Man Warehouse has become a very important part of the success that members and suppliers enjoy. Co-Man provides and efficient business process for both members and suppliers. The opportunity to maximize sales while focusing on process and inventory efficiency is a win for all. And since it takes a special dedication to be a Co-Man supplier this award is even more special.


This Years Award goes to Motor Parts Manufacturing

MP has provided brake rotors to Co-Man for many years and has developed a reputation for high quality, competitive costs, and great service. It with great pride that we recognize MP as Co-Man Vendor of the Year

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delphi awards.png

High Order Fill continues to be the most important area that a supplier can fulfill. Product availability is always the top priority and for Co-Man even more important. Most members rely on Co-Man to maximize sales while realizing inventory efficiency. With more frequent replenishment members who use Co-Man can carry less inventory and order only what they need. This makes high consistent order fill even more important and this year’s winner has provided outstanding service


This Year’s Winner is Delphi Technologies


Delphi provides some of the most technical and complex components used in vehicles and manages to consistently provide very high order fill. Our members have learned that they can trust Delphi to deliver high quality on-time, every time. Delphi has been a major success story at Co-Man with great growth and member support and their outstanding service is a big reason why.



The Co-Man operation’s success is completely dependent on member support that not only includes purchases but feedback, input, and improvement. Providing the impetus for continuous improvement is a key component to Co-Man success and some members are extremely dedicated to providing that support. This year’s winner has consistently provided input and feedback to improve the operation, service, and cost efficiency and this honor is well deserved.


This Year’s Winner is TBA


TBA can always be counted on to assist Co-Man in being a great supplier. They provide input into part number additions, forecasts, and improvement potential along with ways to reduce cost and increase value. With an operation dedicated only to members this allows Co-Man to maximize value to all members.



As The Group began to collaborate Co-Man became a shared resource and many Pronto members began to take advantage of the many benefits that Co-Man offers. The Pronto Co-Man vendor of the year has provided not only significant purchases and growth but also support and input for improvement. The focus on improvement is essential to the value proposition at Co-Man and to members who use it. This year’s winner has been a major supporter since day one and the award is well deserved.


This Year’s Winner is Cost Less Distributing


Cost Less is a great supporter of Co-Man and has always provided input, guidance, and support. Cost Less has served on the Co-Man Council and been a major influence in future direction and improvement potential. Cost Less dedication has not only benefitted Co-Man but all members of Federated and Pronto who rely on Co-Man as a key supplier.



Tim Parks

The  Art Fisher Memorial Award is given annually to the Member who best demonstrates dedication and commitment to Federated and fellow members. The award is named after Federated founder Art Fisher who provided a unique dedication to the group and membership in establishing Federated as a leading marketing group in 1985. The recipient of the award has demonstrated a commitment to support and enhance efforts on behalf of all members through volunteering of time and effort for the benefit of all. They have further agreed to serve in roles representing all member interests and have demonstrated the unique dedication that Art Fisher embodied.


This Year’s Winner is Tim Parks


Tim serves as the Federated representative for his family owned business and is heavily involved in many Federated roles and activities. Tim serves on the Federated Executive Committee and has been on the Board of Governors. He has also served on the Co-Man Council and as a Car Care Advisor. Tim can always be counted on to offer improvement advice and counsel and is deserving of this honor.


Kevin Judge

The Federated Vendor Hall of Fame is an honor established by Federated members since 1985 to honor the vendor partner who has contributed to the success of Federated members. It is not a company award but rather recognizes an individual who has gone above and beyond to offer advice, guidance, and support to the membership. The award recognizes efforts that may go beyond the scope of a job assignment and focuses more on the relationship with the individual.


This Year’s Winner is Kevin Judge


Kevin Judge has worked with Federated members almost from the start in a variety of different positions for multiple supplier partners. His counsel and support has been extremely valuable to many members and is a great example of this awards intent. Kevin can always be counted on to provide insight and expertise about a variety of topics and is a valued partner to Federated members



Federated has many members who have a focus on marketing and do a great job every year. This award is for the Federated member who has demonstrated excellence in their marketing activities consistently and also provides support for other members where possible. Marketing Excellence is recognized for the many activities that create added value through an outstanding effort in communications and promotions. This member quite simply has a model that provides a marketing effort that is second to none and this award is well deserved.


This Year’s Winner is Keystone Automotive Operations


Keystone is a great group supporter of our approved lines but also carries hundreds of additional product lines for enhanced performance, appearance, and towing. Many of these are supplied to other group members to enhance sales opportunities and drive customer loyalty. Keystone provides outstanding marketing support on one of the largest arrays of product to a very diverse customer base and has created some cutting edge digital tools.



National Accounts are a great growth opportunity for Federated members and suppliers. This important segment also provides collaboration benefits as often it requires multiple members selling a National Account to generate enough volume for approval. This is even more important as National Accounts have high growth potential and consolidation takes place. Servicing a National Account requires great focus and flexibility and this award recognizes members who have provided outstanding service to this important sector.


This Year’s Winner is Arch Auto Parts


Arch is in one of the most competitive markets in the country and has consistently delivered high value to all segments of the market. A few years ago National Accounts became a focus and Arch has become a leader in National Account volume and growth. Arch also is always willing to share what is working with other members and is truly a collaborative partner in National Accounts



Bill Maggs

The Pronto Executive of the Year award is presented annually to an individual who best demonstrates dedication and commitment to Pronto and fellow members. The recipient of the award has demonstrated a commitment to support and enhance efforts on behalf of all members through volunteering of time and effort for the benefit of all. They have further agreed to serve in roles representing all member interests and have demonstrated the unique dedication worth of this award.

This years winner is Bill Maggs


Most probably the easiest choice of a winner ever, it goes without saying that no one could ever be more deserving of this award than Bill Maggs. Bill was there at the beginning…helping to forge Pronto into the Program Distribution group that it is today. To put it simply, there would be no Pronto without Bill Maggs. He has tirelessly dedicated over 44 years to developing the Pronto legacy for its members. He has been both an employee and a member and continues to “bleed Pronto blue” today. Please join me in thanking Bill for his contributions and congratulating him on this honor.



Marketing is key and critical to any organizations success. Pronto members do an excellent job of marketing based on their individual business models and the markets they serve. Marketing Excellence is recognized for the many activities that generate added value through an outstanding effort in creating, communicating and delivering promotions and support to your customer.


This award is for the Pronto member who has consistently demonstrated excellence in their marketing activities to markets they serve throughout their geographic location.


This Year’s Award Winner is The Monaco Group


Monaco Group is comprised of three distribution centers strategically located in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. Monaco Group supports 22 corporate jobber stores as well as a network of over 70 affiliated jobber partners. Monaco also supports more than 170 automotive service providers branded under their banners ASX Automotive Service Xpert and VIPSTOP. Their dedication to promoting and growing the Pronto brand is unsurpassed within our group.



National Accounts are a great growth opportunity for Pronto members and suppliers to grow their collective businesses. This important market segment also provides our members collaborative benefits as it often requires multiple members selling a national account to generate enough collective volume for approval. This is even more important as national accounts continue to consolidate smaller multi-shop owners or single location owners into their corporations. Servicing a national account requires great focus and flexibility and this award recognizes a member who consistently provided outstanding service and value to this important market channel.


This Year’s Award Winner is Parts Authority


As one of the premier direct to installer providers, Parts Authority continues to lead the way in this market channel, while servicing in excess of 2000 shops in 18 of our national account programs providing high growth potential for our members and supplier partners. They maintain great focus on providing outstanding service to existing accounts as well as always supporting Pronto HQ in cultivating new accounts.



The Pronto Partnership Award is given to a member, supplier or an individual who best demonstrates dedication and commitment to National Pronto and its members. The recipient of the award has demonstrated a commitment to support and enhance the Pronto program by providing efforts above and beyond the scope of a normal job assignment. This Pronto award recognizes the true spirit of partnership in helping to further the success of Pronto members and programs.


This year’s Award Winner is DuraGo


DuraGo has consistently gone above and beyond to support our members no matter what the situation. Through these very challenging times DuraGo continues to provide the same superior service and representation. They deliver a quality product at a superior service level with on time delivery under todays market pressures. Congratulations to DuraGo – Pronto’s Partnership Award Winner.

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