Car Dealership

Welcome to “The Group” 2020 Virtual National Conference & Expo!

2020 has been a challenging year for us all.   We’ve seen the effects of COVID on our families, jobs, and the global economy.  However, the Automotive Aftermarket is resilient and is starting to show signs of recovery.  Miles driven are rebounding and consumers are once again venturing out to repair vehicles.  


We hope you find this Virtual  Conference platform a place  to reconnect with industry peers, share experiences, and yes, conduct business.   In addition to our Virtual Expo, Sponsor Presentations, Business Climate updates, I H S Markit Presentation, and One-on-One Sessions, we’ve also added a few fun elements such as gamification and a first of its kind experience in our Virtual Happy Hour Lounge. 


In the history of our country,  I don’t believe we’ve ever seen or heard the word PIVOT used more than today.  While the pandemic has certainly forced us to pivot, we are truly excited about what these new opportunities may bring.  We are the Automotive Aftermarket – We are strong! 


We can’t be together today but we can work Together Towards Tomorrow!

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